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Photos of all sorts of things here at Pigasus!

Sassy... Our newest star!
Sassy is getting Sassy getting ready for her Film
Debut in Fort Collins Colorado

Sassy getting ready for her Film Debute in Fort Collins Colorado

Sassy getting ready for her Film Debute in Fort Collins Colorado

Sassy getting ready for her Film Debute in Fort Collins Colorado

Sassy getting ready for her Film Debute in Fort Collins Colorado

Sassy getting ready for her Film Debute in Fort Collins Colorado

Sassy getting ready for her Film Debute in Fort Collins Colorado

Sassy getting ready for her Film Debute in Fort Collins Colorado

This is Ms. Maddie  (Madeline) from Aurora, Co. getting ready to
get a "hooficure" She is adorable and loves to Sunny Weather

Ms. Maddie

Heated Hut 2009
Pictures Below

You have or are about to view the “Picture Story” that our famous
web designer, “Kevin” has graciously taken time to build for us.
For those of you not knowing the story behind this story, briefly,
”The Heated Hut Program,”
The Pigasus Homestead Sanctuary, has developed a new non-profit Division, Western
Colorado Potbelly  Educational Health Center. We are doing more in the area of Educating
about the animal, health and care. Giving the pigs a Quality of Life, also.
We have developed a new heating system for the older potbelly pigs and arthritic pigs.
To complete this program we have been working for about 10 months to
get this under way and completed. With the donations that have been given It is now close.
We will have every thing 100% completed by the middle of September,
and before the ‘Snow Flies”.
As you have seen or will see the huts are built, and 1 is complete
with roofs, heated floors and pads on floor.
Rocky and crew said they are waiting for me to do the décor so they
can say they are 100% finished!!!
We still have to install the waters on the heated pads and put the windows in the frames.
The other roofs are being completed this weekend, and they will also need the windows
and waters.
The hydro- therapy tub building still has to be built. We had not included this structure in
our plans for this summer, but with doing concrete and in floor heating we decided to go
ahead and work it in. Just our luck the energy field of work has taken a big hit.
The new division that this is for, is our new non-profit division, so I am hustling for
grants and non-profit donations to finish the building, but being this late most of the grant
will not be issued until December or January 2010. We can always hope.
We have an estimate for materials, as we have decided against a 100% wood building,
After adding the concrete and heat to the floor ends, we decided to do concrete blocks
up 24 inches so that they can rub on them when they get out of the therapy tub and
the wet and moisture will not go into the sheetrock and wood sidings. Our estimated cost
of the structure will be close to $2,200.00. this also includes the attachment to the vet room.
So this will be a little longer than the September deadline, but before the “snow flies” as,
we do not want to waste the heat into the therapy tub or floor with no building.
The furnace will be hooked to the lines after all constructions is completed. We have ordered
the semi load of logs for the furnace. (24 cords) We are so excited to see the difference
heated floors make for the animals and their health issues.
Thanks to all the donations that we received at “Open House” and those who also have
donated thru the year of 2008/2009, as your donation have been used to obtain this goal.
Please check the web site regularly for update and pictures of the “Therapy Tub” building and
of course, you will want to see the “New Residents” of the New Duplex’s, Plus many have
already said that they can’t wait to see Suzi decorating skills!!!!!  You should see her now,
”I can do this and that to make it more clean and heat efficient….”

Thank you from all the Potbelly pigs who will now have a QUALITY OF LIFE.

Your Donation Money at Work
Heated Hut Project Pictures Below
Ready for the cold - Boiler fuel
The new boiler needs fuel
Labor Day construction continues
The construction never stops, even for Labor Day

Hill Top Life Adjustment Program
Hill Top Life Adjustment Program  (treats for hand-outs)

Access will be easy when this is done
UPS Clients and Volunteers do Concrete Pour for 500'
Sidewalks for accommodate the 'Special Needs" visitors

New Sidewalks make it possible
A.B.L.E.  Group  (sidewalks for Wheelchairs)

More access!
A.B.L.E.  Group  (sidewalks for Wheelchairs)

Original Hut

Pouring Pads for New Huts!

Pouring is big work
The Concrete being poured

Concrete Crew  "Dig their Boot Covers"

More Concrete Crew

Second Stage

Good Drivers For Sure!

...and you thought we were kidding.

Layout of the Heated Floor

Now there is the heated floor to lay on after the swimming exercise!

Both ends have "dry off" space.  Remember that these are duplex units.

Pour some more.

Rocky and Mr. Lujan (70 yrs old) and still at it.  Thank you!

Decisions decisions decisions....................Where Suzi?????

Take a break
Volunteer and Bacon take a break from the sun

Josh is wanting to hurry he has "wedding rehearsal " in a couple hours

Inside the huts.

Starting on the roof.

Insulating the roof.

Galvanized tin roofing and Fascia trim Almost Finished

Construction finished, STAYED TUNED FOR SUZI AND DECOR!

Everyone is Happy!

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