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Welcome to the Pig-A-Sus Homestead.  A Colorado non-profit group since 1996
dedicated to providing shelter for Potbelly pigs and resources for owners of Potbellies
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Western Colorado Potbelly Pig
Educational Health Center
A Division of Pigasus Homestead

We have found in our experience with the Potbelly Pig, that Education about this unique
 “Companion Animal” has prevented it to becoming another static in numbers in a Rescue or
Sanctuary somewhere in the United States.
We feel that Education and Health Issues are a great advantage to know, when owning any
type of “pet”. The Potbelly pig started out as the ‘In Fad” in the early 1980’s and now that fad has
somewhat been forgotten, and those who truly care about the welfare of the animal, plus know the
value of this animal are left to pick up the pieces.
We are very community oriented. We not only work with other’s who own or are considering
the potbelly pig for a family pet, but use the Potbelly pig for educational purposed in the local
schools, the Western Slope of Colorado Hill Top House Medical Center, in their Life Adjustment
Program, which consist of their Brain Trauma Department which is beneficial to the potbelly pig as
well as their clients. There is a lot of one on one for the Potbelly pig that is needing the therapy, to
help them resolve the issue of coming from a loving home to a Rescue or Animal Shelter where there
is no one to really care.
We have begun working along with the Pigasus Sanctuary to bring Education and Health issues about
the Potbelly Pig to the public so that when thinking of choosing a Potbelly Pig as a pet or companion
animal you will have correct information on health and raising the pet.
We also have community involvement in the local law enforcement. We work with the Community
Service program for deferred sentencing for the juvenile thru the local District Attorney’s Office, plus
we are listed with the Adult Community Service program also.
We do one on one with Potbelly pigs in different areas of the State of Colorado. We work with potbelly
pigs that have a social conflict. We have found that an obese Potbelly Pig may very well have social
issue’s because of not having the proper education of care, including diet, which in turn makes the
potbelly pig miserable and when the medical end of the spectrum sets in, that is where we are need.

The WCPPEHC is using Potbelly Pigs residing at the Pigasus Homestead Sanctuary in their Education
and Health Programs. It is a great opportunity to be able to have "hands on" in teaching" for the private
owner or the professional owner.
We hope in the near future to be able to travel to states that are close in connection with Colorado,
to present Educational and Health Programs to the County and City Animal Controls. Many of the
Animal Control Officers have no idea what is required to care for a potbelly pig being held in their
facility or what diet is needed. This is where we feel that this organization will be great benefit to all
who are involved with the Potbelly Pig, in daily routine or once in a life time.
 We hope to become a facility that can offer in- house classes on health issues, what and what not
to do for the long life of the Potbelly Pig how to move, how to transport and most of all, how to
maintain a healthy and happy pig.
We want to educate people on the spay and neuter programs that are necessary for your pet to have a
long and healthy life. Again, Education, Socialization, Health and Information to the Public are
our main goals.
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