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Pig-A-Sus offers health and care classes for one or more and has a problem solving clinic. 
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These are just a few tips for good Potbelly Pig health. For more information, please visit our resource page.
If you have serious concerns about your pig’s health consult a veterinarian immediately. 

don't forget your potbelly pig medical needs

Potbelly Pig Normal Body Stats


Rectal Temperature






Average Litter Size

Adult Size

Full Growth

101-104 Degrees F

70-110 per Minute

20-30 per Minute

2-4 Months

19-25 Days

106-113 Days

4-13 Piglets

60-175 Pounds


Atrophic Rhinitis

Mycoplasma Pneumonia**



We recommend these vaccinations yearly, whether you have 1 pig or a bunch. All vaccinations are given in 2cc dosage. We use the loose skin on the flank area. Sometimes a pea size lump will appear at the vaccination sight and remain for 2-3 weeks. This is normal.
**(We find this helps with respiratory infections) given in early fall of the year

101-104 Degrees F

70-110 per Minute

20-30 per Minute

2-4 Months


1. Matt Braunschmidt, D.V.M. of Mesa Veterinary Clinic, 1124 Lane 20
Pueblo, Co 81006 (Phone) 719-542-6075

2. Dr. Ian Smith D.V.M. Grand Valley Veterinarian Service, Loma, Colorado, 81524
(Phone) 970-858-0290

3. Dr. Paul Grych, D.V.M. Amigo Animal Clinic, 510 25 Road, Grand Junction, 
Colorado 81501 (Phone) 970-245-2010 

4. Dr. Paul Bingham, D.V..M. Arrowhead Vets, Inc. 1620 L. Road, Fruita, Colorado
81521 (Phone) 970-858-8881

5. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
Dr. Tim Holt (Phone) 970-397-1274

Potbelly Pig Health Tips

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