Frequently Asked Questions

Preface: Helping a Friend or Placing the Potbelly Pig...

We often get calls from people who have interceded with a potbelly pig, saving it from abuse, a shelter, euthanizing or just taking on the responsibility because the family can no longer afford to care for their animals. We applaud these people for wanting to help the animals. Potbelly pigs are a Unique animal and are working their way back into homes and therapy programs all over the USA. 

Potbelly pigs are a great addition to any family regardless of “horror stories” of one or 2 persons who have not educated themselves on care, feeding, zoning, size & weight and quality of life that the animal deserves. That leads to the following information. Before you step up and volunteer to take the animal, make sure that you realize that when you get in over your head with care regardless if it is something minor or a tragic accident to the pig from a neighbors dog or some unknown dog that you have become responsible for the expense, and when placing the animal in a rescue or Sanctuary that also makes you responsible for it. Lots of rescues and Sanctuaries have very limited funds for the animals that they do take in.. and when they tell you NO, that they are full or do not have the finances to take on another animals.. Please know that they are telling you the truth. Minimum cost for a potbelly pig, baring no emergency medical care or surgery is about 400 to 450.00 PER YEAR AND THEIR LIFE EXPANECY IS UP TO 20 YEARS. and when they are place most places ask for 6 months care, and the placement fee is usually gone with the 1st vet visit. 

SO remember to be kind to the facility that you are asking to help you and your family and the Potbelly Pig, because as normal the animal is the one who suffers and is not to blame for any of the problems that have presented themselves.  

Its only a dumb question if it never gets asked.

What am I going to do, I was guaranteed by the breeder that this little guy wasn't going to ever weigh over 35 pounds. Full Grown. Now she won't answer her phone and I have a potbelly pig that is over 150 pounds and it is no longer allowed in my zoning?

Any breeder that is telling you that your pig will never weigh over 35 pounds is a breeder who does not do her research before breeding. They are interested in the money from the breeding, not the welfare of the animals bred, who do out grow their 35 pounds and end up in a shelter, abandoned on the streets, or horrible yet, just left in a pen in the back yard with no QUALITY of life. If a breeder tells you these types of answers or statements, call a local Rescue or look on the Internet for facts. Any Rescue will help you find a pet that will work for you, and a Rescue Person will not lie to you. We have to many proven examples.

I have a potbelly pig that we rescued from the neighbor when they moved, and now we can not keep it. Can you take it.? Everyone else has a relinquish or placement fee and we can't pay. What should we do.

Why can you not keep it, is our 1st question, 2nd question, is the pig the reason you can't keep it or is there other reasons? Please for the sake and welfare of the potbelly pig, rather small, large, indoor or outdoor, tell us truthfully what you know about the animal... It is in the best interest of all those concerned. We all ask for placement fee's as most of the Potbelly Pig rescues are ran out of Pocket and no Federal Grants are available for feed, medical or housing. So fee's are imposed and in the Potbelly Pig Rescue 90% of the fee's are used for the Potbelly Pig as most do not have paid employees or for that matter volunteers.

What things should I consider before taking on the responsibility of a Potbelly Pig?

Check the zoning laws in your neighborhood; they may not allow Potbelly Pigs. Does your job and family allow time for a pig? Any pet is a commitment, are you ready to make it?

Can diseases from miniature pigs transmit to humans?

Yes, Sarcoptic Mange is one of the most common. Diseases from humans, such as colds and flu, can transmit to pigs as well.

Why does my Potbelly weigh 175 pounds?

Although genetics may be a factor, improper nutrition is the primary cause for obesity. Are you over feeding your pig out of guilt?

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