Hi everyone from the Pigasus. We hope that everyone is having a great 2020 with their animals, regardless of breed or how many and COVID -19, Quarantines, and Fires. We have to admit this has been a very hard 2020 for us as a rescue and sanctuary. Not only have we battled the loss of having any sort of fundraisers or volunteers, but we have also battled the side effects of the Pine Gluch Fire, which has been deemed, Colorado’s number 1 wildfire ever, consuming over 139,000 acres and within 15 miles at times from our Sanctuary, leaving us with smoke, some days very little sun and smell of wood timbers burning. Very impressed with the potbelly’s ability to smell and stay inside their huts, with fans.

First off, I would like to give thanks to all the Wild Land firefighters who came to Colorado to fight this fire. It has impacted not only some privately own rescues, it has also impacted farmers, ranchers, and wildlife in its rage. Without the Wildland Fire Crews damage would have been incredible and loss would have been unbelievable.



Now for an update on Pigasus and how we have survived the summer. Our heat has been very bad, most days have been in
the range of 100 + and several days where we are located was at the 120 mark. Mother nature decided not to bless us with any
sort of moisture for over 60 days. (last night our area did receive a light shower, enough to settle the dust).

The potbelly pigs have had a tough summer. With high humidity, smoke, and heat. Our water bills along have been over 1,200.00 per month, and electric has been close at 1,300.00 per month. With water to keep the dust down to prevent illness and large fans for air circulation 24/7, it has at the least been interesting. On a happy/sadness note, we only lost 2 potbelly pigs, due to mud wallows and heat.

We have purchased a new barn at the local Spring farm auction in Loma, Colorado. Have it home and been trying to get it set before fall, but still on the trailer. It is a 14 x 24, well insulated and has windows. We have all the heating fixtures to install before winter and it will replace 6 of our really depleted 14/16-year-old huts.
We had a very pleasant surprise. One of our sponsors and hi potbelly pigs donated a “Grandma House” brand new and hand made, plus a new much-needed quarantine hut for new potbelly pigs who have no health records. (Check the photo section) for pictures. Thank You from the Pigasus Piggy’s.

We have received 5 new potbelly pigs over the summer. We have a waiting list of 21. It is very disheartening to see the amount of potbelly’s that are being put up for adoption, especially from the side effects from Covid-19, loss of jobs, income drops, and many many divorces. There are lots of animals who are suffering during this hard time as well as their owners.

We are struggling to make it work here. It breaks my heart to tell people, we are full and just can not take on any more. They do not realize as a privately owned Sanctuary, we are not eligible for government grants or assets. It is 90% out of pocket survival. We finally had to upgrade the cost per animal, from our basic 495.00 per animal per year, to 650.00 per animal per year, which is quite the hick, but do to the price increase in everything, including rescues, it had to be done. We are just thankful that we do not have any employees to be paid, and due to the quarantines this year, we have not had volunteers.

You will have to come back to the web page in a few weeks. We are sending new pictures and hopefully, pictures of the new barn with its residents. We have had to cancel the 2020 Fundraisers due to the group limits and quarantines listed in Colorado. We will be doing a small Holiday fundraiser online. Starting in mid­ November. For right now, we are offering our ‘Special designed” Tee-shirts for sale. Free postage. You can see them on the “Big or Small Save Them All” page.

Fall is coming fast, cooler nights, and somewhat cooler days. We have not had an emergency to speak of this summer with any of the animals. We have placed a “Needs List” and are asking people to donate to items needed. You will be able to hit the donate button on our page and donate. We have already started to purchase our winter feed, but not nearly enough, medicines and straw and heat source for the winter. Farmer’s Almanac is already saying Mother Nature is going to be on a run this winter as she was this summer with heat, wind humidity. So snow, cold and wet is the prediction. I would love for it to be wrong, but it has a fairly good record of being on track, 86 years …

Make sure that you have prevision for your pets, rather a potbelly pig, dog, cat, goat, etc. make sure that it has previsions for the winter in its huts. I hate it when people say, “Oh yea, I bought that, but I just never got it out to the pet.” Pets are family .. remember that. If you’re cold, they are cold.

With the holidays coming up, You will need a refresher course in things that are harmful to your potbelly’s. Not only in food but decorations also. Remember that with strange groups of people at your homes, regardless of how friendly they are, it is very stressful for your pet. Sometimes they just don’t want to be people-friendly, especially with small children in the group. Make a sign asking people to please do not feed or pet your PET until they have talked to a family member. Designate the pet to a family member and that will have good effects and save problems for both people and pets.

Make sure that your pet has adequate water supply in the winter. Water is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. Hydration is very important, especially with low temperatures and your pet is a 100% outside pet. When making an enclosure for the pet, check several things out. Which way is the wind blowing, which way is in the winter sun for extra warmth, which way will the snowmelt or run near the enclosure.

We recommend WHEAT STRAW for bedding. It sheds water, moisture faster, and holds the heat better than others. We also recommend that you compensate with a good extra-large blanket or several twin sizes in the straw for warmth. We recommend NO STUFFING IN BLANKETS, This causes coughing, eyes watering, and sometimes skin irritation. Never use anything that has had FABRIC SOFTNER used on it. Towels are a plus, throw several in the hut. They love to snuggle.

Watch for our Preventive Pages that will be up by October 2020 for the holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and of course for those who think that their animals have to celebrate bringing in the new year 2021.

Everyone have a great Labor Day Weekend and prepare for the months ahead. Preventive measures save money, and sadness all at the same time. If using fireworks in your area, make sure your pet is protected from noise and sparks.

Check our web page often and be sure to give our web designer, 469designs a shout out or hit the like button. Awesome job as usual Mike Adams…

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Be sure to check out our new addition to Sanctuary, ThorEtta, she is adorable … You will be able to view her on the photo page.